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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is nothing but promotions in online. If you have any products with you then you can promote them using digital marketing concept. But here product is not the real one, the product is only the image, video or TEXT. Only in these formats, you can promote any of the product that you want.  Digital Marketing is now needed for every business. because nowadays people are using the internet very much. So if your business is also in online then it will reach to maximum people.

Digital Marketing is of two types 1)Inbound Marketing 2)Outbound Marketing.

People who are doing marketing in TVs, FMs, and Advertising in Digital devices will come under Outbound marketing.

People who are doing marketing in Computers with Search Engines, Social Media will come under Inbound marketing.

Most of the digital marketing takes place in the form of Inbound Marketing. So target the Search Engines, Social Media, Ecommerce to develop your business greatly.

Here You can do digital marketing by using Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and many more ways are there in online.

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